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Guest Author - Brynna Curry

The wizard's taking over...

Good morning! A big thank you to Ms. Howell for allowing me to visit with you today! I write light paranormal romance and suspense while feeding my love of books as a book reviewer for You Gotta Read Reviews. I'm the forth member of the Frightening Journeys blog paranormal writers and serve as a judge for several RWA contests a year. On a personal note, I'm married to my high school sweetheart with a son and
two daughters. *One commentor will win a copy of Earth Enchanted. Please check back tommorow for announcement*

I thought I'd talk a little bit about Earth Enchanted and the Elemental Magic Series. *jumps as a hand touches her shoulder*

Yeah, you could, but I'd bet your blog readers would rather hang out with me. You and your 'cat' feet. You scared me half to death, Devin, just whose the author here? *takes the keyboard away from Devin*

~Always spoiling my fun. *smiles*

You're smiling. No. Wait. That's not why I gave you magic. What about your creed to harm none? You wouldn't dare.

You know I would...and enjoy it, besides when have I ever played by the book. *conjures blue fireball with a wave of his hands* This won't hurt a bit. It's cold fire. *claps fireball over Brynna's head. showering sparks of blue enveloping her in a force field* She's fine really. I'll let her out when it's time for me to go.

So, you want to know about Earth Enchanted? It all started a thousand years ago with a spell. My cousin and teacher Daemon fell for a healer named Briella after she rescued him from the sea. He would never have been there in the first place, but he went against Laird McLoch's wishes and continued to help me hone my magic. My father wanted me to forget my powers and learn to rule our clan. Thanks to Briella's sister
Arianne's scheming, Daemon, Briella and Arianne were turned into the elements they called to for power.

While Daemon cast his dark magic, I was deep in battle with the laird of a rival clan. My father had fallen along with many of our clansmen. Covered in the blood of my kin, I knew I would die under the blade of that dirty cur's sword. All at once I could see with my mind's eye the power Daemon had unleashed and I knew how to save my clan. I called forth a great ring of fire and surrounded the village walls with it, protecting the women and children inside, but I couldn't have known the consequences of mixing magics would bar me from my home or that my fire would destroy every last McGavin on McLoch land. As dead to my clan as my father, I left Scotland and went to Ireland to break the spell, but only Daemon and Briella's descendants could do that.

For a thousand years I've been waiting for someone to break the spell. Funny thing is only love is powerful enough to fight back Daemon's magic and free us all.

*releases force field* See now that wasn't so bad.

So you say. You know I'm claustophobic. I'd like to put you in a bubble.

I'm her favorite. Later.

As I was saying, Earth Enchanted is the first in a series of five books featuring the Corrigans from Ireland, a family with a ancestry of mages. Liv Corrigan, telepath and writer, visits her brother in the states only to find he's neck deep in a diamond smuggling ring. While there she meets ex-cop Jackson Roarke, a man with secrets still reeling from his wife's death. Here is a short blurb.

EARTH ENCHANTED- Elemental Magic Series Book One

BLURB: Writer Liv Corrigan has the worst luck with men -- her telepathy tends to make them run for the hills. When she meets widower and ex-cop Jack Roarke, she decides to keep her talent hidden. Things are looking up until their third date crashes and burns as the man who murdered Jack’s wife turns out to be after him too. Injured, Jack retreats with Liv to his house under armed guard. But with Liv’s mysteries rapidly coming unraveled, a diamond-thief killer to stop and passion in the air, the safe house is anything but safe for their hearts!

After EE, To Take Up The Sword flash forwards to the end of the trial for Ashton Smythe, Gueraldi's (the villian from EE) right hand man. When Smythe is set free, Agent Spiller (EE), convinced Serena Roarke hid more diamonds there, goes back to Alabama in search of missing evidence that would have convicted her killer. Leannan O'Neal, Serena's sister, goes into the wind after the destruction of her home and threats on her life. She meets up with Spiller and together they try to get the diamonds to safety before both are killed. You can find out more about each book in the series by visiting my website and clicking the Elemental Magic tab. It's been a pleasure visiting with you today. I'll be here to answer any comments or questions you might have.

Be blessed,


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Earth Enchanted- Available now from Lyrical Press, Inc. To Take Up the Sword- September 2010 from Lyrical Press, Inc. Wait for the Wind- January 2011 from Lyrical Press, Inc. Sea's Sorceress- April 2011 from Lyrical Press, Inc..

Fire's Ice- August 2011 from Lyrical Press, Inc.


  1. Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Hannah, for allowing me to be your guest today. It's truly an honor. I will be around here all day to answer any questions or comments you may have and one commentor will win a copy of Earth Enchanted.

    I can't wait to here from everyone!


  2. lol wonderful blog Brynna! Love it. I have this on my to read list for sure.

  3. It certainly sounds interesting. I'll have to visit your website to find out more about your Elemental Magic series. Thanks.

    Have a great day,

  4. Hi just want to say great blog and excerpt cant wait to read this .

  5. Hi Brynna!
    I love the series too! I hate getting into a story, only to have it end and to never know what happens to those secondary characters we have grown to love. Do you think five books will be enough?

  6. *sigh* Can I just say again how amazing your cover is??? Serious, I'm having cover envy!

    Loved the blog post!

  7. Great post! This series sound very interesting, I'll look for your books!

  8. Hi, Merlin's muse- Cool name. Thanks!

    Hi, Wanda! Thank you! It's going to be an awesome series.

    Hey, Mick! I don't know...Liv's daughter Raine is showing sequel potential, as is Ryan's Allaina. *big grin* you never know... Thanks for dropping by!

    Jenni, Hey girl, thanks for stopping by! Speaking of covers, when do we get to see yours for Northanger Alibi? I may have cover envy, lol.

    Hi, Eva! The Corrigans are just addictive. Especially, Devin, who manages to make appearances in all five books with the last one telling his story and the the conclusion of the spell. Thanks for dropping by to say hello!

    *News* TO TAKE UP THE SWORD-book 2 is finished and on my editor's desk. Look for it sometime in September. Also, if you've read EARTH ENCHANTED and wondered where it all started, there is a new free read up on my website entitled DEVIL'S SPELL. Enjoy!

  9. Raine Roarke (Jack and Liv's daughter) is a phoenix. (like the bird of legend, but human of course)

  10. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your books. Have almost all of them and highly recommend them to friends. Thanks for sharing you talent with your readers :-)
    debbie (dat)

  11. Thank you, Debbie! What a sweet thing to say! I'm so glad you enjoy them. Paranormal characters and venues have always been my favorites to read and write about. In fact, I'm working on three new projects(besides the Magic Series) another shapeshifter romance for Lyrical, a dark paranormal romance that is heavy sword and sorcery set in modern times with vampires, and a ghost story near and dear to my heart.

  12. EXCERPT EARTH ENCHANTED-----The alley ran behind one of the rattraps that they'd raided for drugs a couple of weeks ago. No light reached here in the bowels of the city. The air was thick with the stench of garbage, smoke, and prostitution for those lovely people who didn't care enough to rent a room.

    Summer heat in northern Alabama, the thermometer had been bursting at 103 degrees by noon, made the smell walk like a living thing. Sissy passed her penlight beam over the building's brick wall. Graffiti announced the sort of things one human being could do to another. 'Mickey,' Jack's informant, always showed on the signal, but not this time. He had a gut feeling to grab his wife, turn and run as hard and fast as he could. The premonition flashed through him dark and heavy.

    Copper, the raw taste of fear, slid over his tongue. Both drew, half expecting to find the informant dead, definitely to find trouble. Neck deep in a suspected smuggling ring, they'd had their share of scrapes lately.

    Jack screamed at her and his dream self, though he knew she couldn't hear him.

    "Run, baby, please."

  13. CONTINUED---Why? Why do I have to watch over and over again? His heart and soul cried out from the wrenching pain. Please, God, have mercy! Just let me die with her this time.

    He finally felt the prickles of warning on the back of his neck. The nauseating pain spread from the base of his skull to his temples and lastly in front of his eyes. Finally able to see the threat, Jack knew, the vision came far too late. Someone was watching them, unseen from high atop the neighboring building.

    "Get out, Sissy!" Jack screamed. "It's a trap! Run!" He fired two shots in the direction of his unknown attacker.

    Three shots pealed through the dark. Two pinged off the brick. She turned toward his shouted warning and barely had time to call out before the third slammed into her chest. Dazed, she clutched her breast.

    Jack returned the fire instinctively, getting off another six rounds, before the gun dropped from his hand. A dark stain spread across her white silk dinner blouse. He caught her as she cried out and crumpled to the ground. He pressed his hand over hers, a futile attempt to staunch the wound.

    All that blood, so much gushing out of the hole in her heart. Oh, God!

    It pulsed and dripped across her hand where his ring rested on her slim finger. An hour ago, it had seemed they had a lifetime to live, love, but now they might have minutes only. Maybe not even that long. He'd seen men die, had killed before, but nothing compared to watching the woman he loved bleed to death in his arms. There wasn't anything he could do.

    "Help us! Somebody!" He rocked her back and forth gently, and dug his cellphone out of his pocket. The alley fell silent. Her attacker had accomplished his mission.

    Another vision came, along with a sickening sense of loss. She would be gone before help would come. Helpless, Jack fought back the drowning tears and grief he already felt, and lied to her. "It's going to be all right, Sissy, just hold on to me." He stroked her hair, kissed her cheek. She shuddered in his arms as though she'd never be warm again. He dialed 9-1-1. "Detective Jackson Roarke. I need a bus at..." He rattled off the address. "Officer down, I repeat officer down. Bullet wound to the chest. Hurry, damn it!"

    "Don't lie to me. I'm as dead. You see it." Her breath hitched as blood gurgled from her throat and stained her lips.

    "Catch them for me, Jack. Promise me." She clutched his shirt, pleading.

    "I will, but you'll help me. You'll be there to help me."

    She nodded.

    He looked back toward the gaping mouth of the alley. Where were the medics? He couldn't panic, couldn't afford to let his mind go frantic. Maybe he was wrong and what he saw wouldn't come to pass. When he was about to give up all hope, the screaming sirens ripped the night air. Help was here. His vision had to be wrong, born of panic instead of the gift. Serena must live.

    "Almost here." She was so cold. How could she be so cold already?

    "I love...Jack...tell...Sorry."

    "Don't say it, not now."

    "Live." She whispered, "Just live."

    He felt Serena's spirit leave her body before fingers left a trail of blood to mix with his tears. Her bright green eyes lost their spark, faded and then saw nothing. His vision had happened. Serena Roarke was dead.

    He shook her, rocked her, begged and pleaded. He cursed God and the devil, but she was beyond him now. Jack looked down to the bright red covering the concrete, her and him. Never again, he thought. Even though he wasn't exactly sure what that meant. He tossed his shield on the ground, where their weapons lay in her pooling blood. Cradling his dead wife in his arms, Jack curled into a ball, rocked her lifeless body, and sobbed inconsolably.

  14. I love the excerpts! I look forward in starting this series; it sounds great.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  15. Booklover- Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!

    I'm going to give everyone who didn't get a chance yesterday a little more time to post before choosing a winner. At nine-thirty I'll announce it here, and twitter.

  16. And the winner of a pdf copy of Earth Enchanted is *drum roll*

    Tracy (book lover)

    Thanks everyone for dropping by to say hello! I love to hear from my readers!

    Be blessed and have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  17. Sounds great, Brynna, and you got the most comments ever! Hannah

  18. Awesome! I had a great time. Thank you, Hannah! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!