Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's Back

That's pretty much how I've been for the last month - although maybe without the glowing eyes.  At least the hubby hasn't mentioned them.  Allergies or a cold that won't die.  Can't figure out which.  Both equal massive foggy brain troubles.  Good thing I'm not a surgeon.  Who knows what I'd accidently cut off.   I doubt a patient would accept  - oh, well, you didn't need two of those anyway.  Especially if it was a guy.

(And hope I'm allowed to use that pic on my blog.  They were all there for downloading and I see them on FB all the time.  But - if you read about a little aging writer being dragged off to jail for misusing pix on the net, pray for me.)

That's only one reason I haven't blogged recently.  Lost my little book with all my passwords.  Yes, I know I could've changed my password and got on here but I didn't think of that.  Nor did it occur to me to call Leeann who handles the guest bloggers and has the password.  No.  I got fixated on finding the *!#* book.  Took a couple of weeks.  It was in a box.  See, when I'm writing, or running off to conferences or talks or meetings as I've been for the last few months, I tend to let things slide around the house.  Then, of course, company decides to come.  Cleaning up for company usually means stuffing a lot of things in a bag or a box and putting it in the basement so that things look tidy upstairs and I can actually see a few surfaces to dust.  Little password book got stuffed in a box.  Still, upside is I found a lot of things in my search for it.  The old - Oh, so that's where that went - happened a lot.

But I have accomplished a few things in the last few months.  Got my next Murray (HIGHLAND PROTECTOR) tale into my editor, the copy-edits done, and the page proofs back to them. Came up with ideas for the next vamp tale and the Wherlocke one.  Now supposed to be working on that next Wherlocke tale.  Found the conferences fun but exhausting, as always.  Also found that the more expensive a hotel the more expensive the internet hookup and the worse it works.   Put a lot of miles on the little HHR.  Drove a lot of places.  Saw a lot of the country and not always the prettiest parts.  Survived the heat wave that locked itself over the NE for so long this summer.  Barely.  Have almost finished organizing my library.  Half the stuff in the basement has been sorted out - thanks to losing the password book.

And now I should be hard at work on that Wherlocke tale.  But - there's that foggy brain issue still.  So I'm doing up spreadsheets of all the charcaters in the stories, plus the ones in the Murray books, plus the ones in the vampire novella ones.  It's got to the point I can't just go back and look through the books in the series - most certainly not the Murray one - easily.  And the little character card I write up for each book doesn't have the info I'm always looking for.  So going to get it all on the computer.  Listing the important stuff like appearance, psychic gifts, relation to main character, age, etc.  Should make life easier.  Make for fewer oopsies, too, that one then has to spend time fixing.

Yet, Sir Argus Wherlocke is calling to me.  I've got him stuck in a prison with the heroine 'thinking' about looking for him to save him.  Think he's getting really tired of being tied naked to a cold bed in a basement.  Keep hearing him saying - "Excuse me!  Naked, cold, tied up.  Want to do something about this, woman?"  Now that fall is here(with it's beautifully cooler weather) and a little of the foggy is easing in the brain, I will have to answer that call.  That and the fact that my deadline is in December.  If he calls me 'woman' again, however, think I might allow the bad guys to pound on him a little before he gets rescued.