Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lagged a bit

First, I have discovered that Face Book is addictive.  It's the nosiness in me.  I feel compelled to check to see what everyone is doing.  By the time I get done with it, my regular e-mail. my website e-mail, my loops, and My Space the morning has slipped away from me.  Have to fix that as I have a deadline looming.

As for work on the book - IF HE'S WILD - that's churning along.  Have about 7 chapters written.  That's when I discovered I had become so involved in the psychic angles - Alethea, the heroine has visions, even has them when she touches things, and is staying with a cousin who sees ghosts and impending death - I had rather lagged on the sexual tension between her and the hero - Hartley.  Bad me.  So I must type in what I have written with the thought of sexual tension to the forefront of my pitiful brain and attempt to edit some more in.  I did some editing on the paper but it might need more.

And - yes - I write all my stories out on paper first.  I can't connect on the computer.  It's an editing machine to me, a necessity as my editor requires typed copy and a disc.  Also my handwriting is rather small and I have been told that it is a little hard to read.  I find that writing it all out by hand keeps me more involved with my characters.  In my opinion, the characters are the story and anything that keeps me in touch with them is good.   Besides, it's hard to doodle on a computer.  It's my rough draft, let's say.   I just wish I was a faster typist.   Have to leave a lot of time to type it in and edit.  Oh, and reread it a lot as I am prone to using the wrong words, reversing phrases, and letters.  When I went to school it was called being a little backwards.   Never, when riding in the car with me, suddenly tell me to go right.  I will go left.  Had the R and L written on the insides of my shoes for an embarrassingly long time.  TMI?

Had the hubby home for three days.  That meant little writing work got done.  He can retire soon and I am going to have to whip him into shape.  No walking through the office to get to the deck, no asking me where the hammer is, no coming in just to chat, no meandering through just to stare out a window at another part of the yard, no interruptions at all.  I will probably have to learn to shut the door to the office although that will annoy the cats.  Who - by the way - have been trained not to get up on the desk or on the keyboard so why can't I get the hubby to grasp - no interruptions?  He's an aero-engineer so he has to have a bigger brain than a cat.   I have the dreaded feeling that I will have to get a set scheduale and the mere thought of that gives me a headache.

Anyhoo - hope to have a guest blogger soon - one on the pschic gifts of my heroine in IF HE'S SINFUL(Dec. 2009).  She sees ghosts.  This woman is a ghostbuster.  Yes, I know there's a much more acceptable word for it but I like that one.  Every time I say it I can see that stupid movie - and the giant Stay- Puff marshmallow man walking up the streets of NYC.  Ha.  Well, back to Hartley and Alethea and making them get hot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Am I going to have to think of a clever title every time?

That's surely going to make my brain hurt.  So - I have added pix.  Well - cover pix - but, hey.  Beginner here.   Went to the dentist yesterday for the great torture called the six-month cleaning.  Thought I'd escaped any further work and wouldn't have to go back until another six months had past.  Was home barely an hour when they called to crush all hope.  Worse - stuck me with an afternoon appointment so I can think about it all day.
Getting some good reviews for IF HE'S WICKED which delights me on several levels.  As a writer - I naturally like to hear good things about my work.  But - am also glad because it may well mean that I can do more stories on the Wherlockes and the Vaughns.  Hoping IF HE'S SINFUL will do as well.
My next big step for this blog is to add a list of links.  Good luck to me.  Had to do the covers twice because I hadn't realized they wouldn't line up right unless I planned it so.  Typical. 
Went to Gloucester(MA) the other day with the hubby.  I love that place.  It's so beautifully rocky.  Same reason I love parts of Rye Beach, NH and the Maine coast.  Adds a nice roughness to the whole ocean vista.  All very nice places to visit.  Especially if you like seafood.
Also hoping to get the website fine-tuned.  It's looking good now but a few tweaks are needed.  Then I shall endeavor to say something of great wisdom and interest here.  (Hah!)  Figure I will write out a few so that I'm not just winging it as I am now.  That leads to babbling about things like the dentist.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I've got a plan

I am going to attempt to blog every other day, maybe have some friends put in a word if I am feeling too brain-fried.  Right now have spent way too  much time getting my new website up.  We(me and my webmistress) were up until 2:30am Saturday night trying to fine tune and then launch.  Then had to called the server because there was a blank screen and you had to click files to get the pix.  Now it's slightly off-center.  It's still very readable but we will get that fixed.  She says all the interent problems are because Mercury has gone retrograde big time.  I wonder if I'm a jinx when it comes to computers.
I've decided to give myself until October first to get all this kind of stuff sorted out.  Notice I don't say learned or conquered.  Never wish for the impossible.  Then I will crack down on finishing IF HE'S WILD the third in my late-Georgian series with the psychic family.  I am writing - can't not write really - but the typing in and editing will all start then.  I fear I can't shake the habit of writing all my stuff out by hand.  Of course that means I do have a back up copy when I crash my computer or hit the wrong button and everything magically disappears.  Another skill I have developed.  Then I start on yet another novella tale of the MacNachtons, my vampire clan.  My cunning plan is to get IFW done so I can have time to enjoy the holidays and then get the vampire tale done leaving enough time to do the next book - another Murray tale.  We'll see how well that works.

But - on to my plan for this site.  I am studying others and there will undoubtedly be odd mistakes - I never make a simple one when it comes to computers - but I hope to have more than me occasionally babbling.  Have roped my psychic/shaman friend into doing a few blogs on psychic talents such as the Wherlockes and Vaughns have in my late-Georgian series.  Also hope to get a few of my writer friends to blog, perhaps when they have a new book coming out.  So be patient, I will get this sorted out.  Either that or I will whine to my son for help - at least for putting up more than my little smiley face.  This claw and crystal ball is one he did for me to use on my promotional items.  (It's copyrighted to moi)  It was the only pic I could find fast.  Off to study this business more closely and then go battle the weeds.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have no clue what I'm doing

If you happen to hit this before I have figured things out - be patient. I'll get it sorted eventually. I'm just blabbing now so that I can see what it looks like with the background I chose.