Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Am I going to have to think of a clever title every time?

That's surely going to make my brain hurt.  So - I have added pix.  Well - cover pix - but, hey.  Beginner here.   Went to the dentist yesterday for the great torture called the six-month cleaning.  Thought I'd escaped any further work and wouldn't have to go back until another six months had past.  Was home barely an hour when they called to crush all hope.  Worse - stuck me with an afternoon appointment so I can think about it all day.
Getting some good reviews for IF HE'S WICKED which delights me on several levels.  As a writer - I naturally like to hear good things about my work.  But - am also glad because it may well mean that I can do more stories on the Wherlockes and the Vaughns.  Hoping IF HE'S SINFUL will do as well.
My next big step for this blog is to add a list of links.  Good luck to me.  Had to do the covers twice because I hadn't realized they wouldn't line up right unless I planned it so.  Typical. 
Went to Gloucester(MA) the other day with the hubby.  I love that place.  It's so beautifully rocky.  Same reason I love parts of Rye Beach, NH and the Maine coast.  Adds a nice roughness to the whole ocean vista.  All very nice places to visit.  Especially if you like seafood.
Also hoping to get the website fine-tuned.  It's looking good now but a few tweaks are needed.  Then I shall endeavor to say something of great wisdom and interest here.  (Hah!)  Figure I will write out a few so that I'm not just winging it as I am now.  That leads to babbling about things like the dentist.

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  1. Hi, Hannah!

    Look at it this way: you added covers to your blog, all by yourself. That is far more than I can do on my blog. I may have start coming to you for help, my little expert!

    I hope the dentist goes well. Whatever you do, try not to bite your dentist. That never ends up well.