Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you embraced your inner pink?

Well fall has arrived here in Ottawa Canada. The trees are changing colors and the weather is getting colder. That can only mean one thing, October is here. I have to say I love October. Why? Well its perfect weather for runs, but also because its Breast Cancer month. Yep I’m wearing my pink quite proudly this month.

Some of you might not know this but my debut release DEADLY SECRETS is an official sponsor of the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF). This is a fantastic organization. They do so much for women who are fighting breast cancer and their families. Also they provide free mammograms for women who couldn’t otherwise get them, and as we all know early detection is the best way to kick this disease to the curb. Check them out at

Now the reason why I chose to become a sponsor for the ABCF even though I’m not American is because of a good friend of mine and fellow LBF Books author, AB Wallace. She fought the disease twice. She one the first battle, but miserably lost the second one this past spring. We used to have long email discussions about her battle and treatments. I was her cheerleader and an ear when she needed to vent. She often mentioned that the medication and treatments she needed to take were really expensive. She didn’t know what she would have done had she not been able to get the mammogram that found the cancer in the first place.

Last year when I ran the Run For The Cure in my home town, AB had just been diagnosed with a relapse. So I found that run to be hard and tears made their way down my face as I ran among other runners. This year I ran in AB’s memory. I feared I would cry the whole time, but I didn’t. I felt as though we were doing the run together. What an amazing feeling.

When my book was released nearly two years ago I decided I wanted to do something. Getting published has been a dream of mine for many years. So I decided I wanted to do something to help others with it. That’s the reason I decided to donate all my royalties to breast cancer and to get my book a sponsor for the ABCF. Do I think my royalties will make a difference? Help find a cure? Probably not, but if it helps one woman find her cancer in its early stages then it was well worth it.

Want to know about DEADLY SECRETS? Well it’s a romantic suspense that takes place in Canada. Here is the blurb,

PHILIPPE LAFRANCE is a well known reclusive writer whose life is suddenly thrown upside down. The grandfather he never knew existed dies. Throughout his own investigation, Philippe learns that his family has kept secrets from him, deep, ugly secrets. A killer is murdering the men in his family. First his father then his grandfather have succumbed at the hands of another. This murderer is trying his utmost to keep secrets buried. Bereft, Roxanne St-Clair is left to manage a restaurant when the only person who ever mattered to her, her foster parent and mentor, is murdered. She puts her life on hold to find his killer and bring him to justice. Thrown together by circumstance and a mutual goal, Philippe and Roxanne fight their attraction and team up to find the killer, bring him to justice and unearth the truth. To stay alive, they must keep one step ahead of the assassin in order to prevent him from killing his next target, Philippe. Will they succeed in bringing to justice this killer before Philippe becomes his next victim? Will they be able to deal with the truth behind all the secrets?

If you’d like to read an excerpt or view my trailer check my home on the net,

If you want to help me, the ABCF and help fight breast cancer pick up a print copy or ebook. If you want to make a direct donation to the cause please think of donating to the ABCF directly .

If you can't afford to donate this year, that's fine, just think about wearing something pink in honor of all these warrior ladies.


  1. Yes, my dear, your royalties do make a difference. You and your heart make lots of differences. What a special friend you are to so many especially your LBF author. Not only are you a great friend but Deadly Secrets is a great book/story!!! I enjoyed it andknowing it helped others only made the story better. You are an inspriation.

  2. Great cause, LeeAnn. My younger sister runs in the maranthons every year. I lost a friend to breast cancer a few years ago. Such a terrible disease. What you are doing helps with us getting one step closer to finding that cure.