Monday, February 7, 2011

More snow tomorrow

I think if I hear those words 1 more time I will run out of the house screaming - maybe naked(after all, if I'm going to do something insane, might as well make sure I leave the neighbors with a real need for some eye wash).  Of course, once I veer off the dug path I will disappear into the nearly 5 feet of snow on the ground.  Actually my head might still stick out just a little as the snow has compacted a bit even if it hasn't melted much. Around 75" of snow may have fallen on this area but it's not exactly that deep everywhere.
How about a few pix from out of the sunroom windows to illustrate how life has been here for the past weeks?
This was just after the sunroom was put up and, yes, I am waiting anxiously for the weather to warm up so I can sit in there and savor the view.  It's already winter here and it's not particularly warm but it's still just looking like late fall out there.  When the sun was out, you could actually sit there at this time and be warm and content.  It was almost ready to put the Christmas tree up in it.(which looked really nice in the room when I finally got it up)

First snow.  Kind of a nice touch.  A little wintery but not at all threatening.  River's looking a bit icy so you get that chilly feeling looking at it.  Reasonable way to feel at this time of year.  But still kind of nice actually, as I've always rather liked winter, just not the inconvenience of it.  The cold or occasional storm that keeps you shut up in the house.  Definitely the down side of winter.

Now I can accept this ,too.  One has to expect at least one or two good big, dump-a-massive-pile-of-snow-on-the-yankees storms in New England in the winter.  Kind of pretty with the river all iced over.

Okay - now this is starting to get ridiculous.  62" of snow in 31 days.
It's also grey and cold most days so this stuff just isn't melting.  Strangely we didn't break a snow amount record yet, but this is January.  Guess what month we usually get the most snow?  You got it.  February.  Only hoping the current weather stays as promised which is slightly warmer and not much percipitation.  Also that that rodent in PA might actually be right for a change and we can celebrate an early Spring. See how almost buried my patio table & chairs are?

And then the last storm - two days of it - one wave followed by another and dumping over a foot on us.  Oh, the joy.  Back out, more digging.  Now also digging a path for the oil men so they can actually get to the oil connection.  It's still pretty cold and the last thing one wants is to run out of heating oil because the guys can't get in to fill the tank.  Please note the hint of the patio table still showing.  Still haven't reached a record of snow amount for the season yet, though.  Look at that.  Think you'd be willing to add to it to break a record?  Right.  Neither would I. Oh, and one last pic to show how this measures up to the new sunroom.

Nice, huh.  All the sliding glass doors aimed towards the river looked like that or worse.  All the windows overlooking the front porch roof looked pretty much the same, too.  Reports of roofs collapsing all over the area - but ours held up.(knock on wood)  Poor hubby had to tromp out through the several feet of snow and shovel that snow away from the sliding doors though.  It suddenly occurred to us that once the melt starts - and please may it be soon - that's got a good chance of coming into the house.

So, that's what I've been up to for the last few months.  True, in the beginning, it was nice to sit inside the warm house, watch the snow and get some writing done.  Always nice to have some on the holidays, too, to help get into the spirit of it all even if - as I was - you're desperately trying to finish up something for a deadline while getting Christmas stuff done.  Then it became a seemingly endless round of run out to get cat food, etc. before the next storm.  Then storm, shovel, plow, next day of shopping, storm, shovel, plow, next day to renew supplies, storm - get the picture?  Not much sun for the last couple months, either.  They actually did a report on the local news about the signs of winter depression and how to treat it, as well as a week of reports on where you can go to catch some rays and not get ripped off.  Even I'm starting to be very slow to get out of bed in the morning.  Well, much slower than usual.  Not exactly a morning person here.

But life will get back to normal soon.  Can't stop the turn of the seasons. Only 42 days left until the first day of Spring.  And - only 9 days left until my deadline for my next vamp tale so I will stop trying to elicit pity for the weather problems here and get back to work.  Also have the page proofs for one reissue and my next new book to go through and get back to the editor.   But wanted to give you a view of why this blog wasn't - shall we say - the first thing on my mind for a while.  And just to show how optomistic I am that things will improve soon -Today, while out to get more bird seed for the voracious birds I'm feeding, I bought some flower seed.  Hope springs eternal.

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