Friday, May 13, 2011

"I think she's dead." 'No I'm not."(Monty Python)

(had this all set to go up yesterday but Blogger crashed.  And it wasn't even Friday the 13th yet.  Thus is my life. So - here is yesterday's blog.)

Bet you were wondering though.  I just seem to be sinking in a morass of work and petty emergencies.
And - no - the picture has nothing to do with this blog.  I just wanted something pretty to look at while I wrote this blog.

Next book out is IF HE'S DANGEROUS, available June 7th.  It's Sir Argus Wherlocke's tale and he finds himself entangled with a bad guy who thinks Argus's gift can be taken away and used by someone else as well as a pretty little duke's daughter. Other members of the Wherlocke clan make appearances as I can never seem to write a tale without one or more of them wandering through it.  Going to get the cover up here ASAP.

Right now am working on a new Murray tale - HIGHLAND NOBLE - which has a MacFingal and a Murray lass tangling it up.  Brian MacFingal - one of the many illegitimate sons of the weird pater of the clan - and Kenna Murray Lucette, a pretty little widow in a lot of trouble.  But those Murray lasses have a skill at finding trouble and then finding hot men to help them.  It's due at the end of June so - yes - I'm deep into deadline mode.  Again.

Finished a novella tale for the next vampire anthology at the start of the year.  The page proofs for that are sitting on the dining room table and must be done and back to the editor by the 17th.  Just signed for another.  It doesn't have to be about the MacNachtons but I think it will be.  Not really done with them yet.

Right now, sun's shining, it's cool but nice, and I'm fighting the urge to go out and work in the garden.  Just keep telling myself - too much work to plow through yet, garden's not going anywhere, etc.  Sort of working.  Brian and Kenna are whining that I'm leaving them in the lurch and probably wouldn't appreciate being left stranded just so I could go pull some weeds.  Although, there are a lot of weeds growing up out there.

Just did a blog post for Borders, an interview for a friend's site, and a newsletter article for one of my writers' groups.  So figured it was way past time to get back to this.  As you can tell from this ramble my life seems to consist of meeting deadlines with pauses for trips to the vet, trips to the dentist, runs to the car place because my keys don't work any more, exchanges with the web hosts because the password doesn't work any more and need to get an update on there, etc.  See?  Continuous little emergencies that always take a lot longer to deal with than they should.

My problem right now - aside from having to run out to open the gates in the back garden to let out a stupid wild turkey who flew into the garden but can't seem to fly out - is that I now have another story nudging at my brain.  Lady Olympia Wherlocke is bugging me and she is not a patient woman.  When I go on those little wanderings in my mind that happen when I'm doing some chore it's no longer just ideas on the Highland Noble story there but pushy Olympia.  She will pay for this later.  Might even get Kenna and Brian to beat her into silence.   So - back to work now.  I've circled the days on the calendar when I think I can come and post.  Let's see how well that works.

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