Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After trying six times to post a comment on my own blog and failing(inducing much swearing)- decided to announce the winner of the signed copy of IF HE'S DANGEROUS this way.  And sorry I disappeared for a bit but things got a little crazy here what with dental appointments, deadline, a run to the vet's because Jackson's tail was looking funky, deadline, plants that needed to go into the garden before they died, deadline, and a bunch of stuff that was schedualed for promo reasons. 

Anyway - put the names on slips of paper, tossed them on the floor and my cat Perkins attacked as is her wont.  She picked June M.  Aside from a slight problem with a touch of cat spit on the paper, it worked well.  So June M.  contact me here or send me a message on FB making note that you're June M. winner on the blog.

Now back to trying to get the rest of those dying plants in the ground and then getting back to Brian and Kenna who were left hanging and aren't too happy about it.

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