Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Paranormal Romance Are Teen Boys Not Enough?

A few years ago, New York was saying that the paranormal market was dead.  They mentioned the market was gutted.  No one was interested in anymore paranormal books.

Boy, were they wrong!

My first exposure to a paranormal romance had to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the later 1990s:

Yes, the writing is amazing.  So is the dialogue.  What stands out to me is even through Buffy is tough she had one huge weakness: her love interests happen to be vampires. This is all kind of ironic considering she’s a vampire slayer.

It seemed any human love connections she made, failed.  Big time.  What can we say?  The chemistry between Angel and even later Spike, another vampire, is steamy hot.  Now it’s a classic and Joss Whedon, has continued the series in comic book format for a whole new generation to love.

I admit it.  I love a good paranormal romance.

Some great examples of some other paranormal finds:

Vampire Diaries. 

This TV series is based on the best selling YA series by L. J. Smith.  In this series, Elena, falls for the charms of not one but two brothers who just happen to be vampires. The chemistry between the three crackles with sexual tension not only on the screen but in the books as well.  Watch an episode and tell me you’re not under the spell of Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal of Damon.


The war against fallen angels and humanity has a new heroine. Violet is part Buffy the Vampire Slayer with her kick-ass abilities but also very much human with her feelings towards her hot mentor Lincoln. The chemistry between the two of them is hot. Lincoln happens to be a Grigori and can't have a relationship with her. Then the mysterious Phoenix ups the whole stream factor. He brings intensity when he's around Violet.  I don’t blame Violet in her struggle between the two.

Obsidian: The Lux series

Daemon might be stand-offish and a total jerk but he’s beyond hot.  He’s also an alien.  Katy has just moved next door and her first encounter with Daemon is disastrous.  Then all changes with a touch.   Let’s just say this series is amazing.  I could see why Katy came under Daemon’s spell.


This is a story where a witch and a warlock meet and fall for each other. Problem is they are sworn enemies. Kling casts her own spell with characters that are real and multi-layered. The tension and chemistry between our heroine and hero sizzles.

Can you tell I love these stories?


There’s also chemistry between Dylan, the boy next door but when Mark gets on the scene, well, forget it.  She’s totally under Mark’s spell which might not be the best decision she’s made.

Do you think the appeal of YA paranormal romance might be the whole fantasy of the beyond hot boy?  Why the appeal?

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  1. The appeal is the unknown of course!
    ....the imagination of the author that puts into print the hot fantasy the reader is either embarrassed or unaware of!