Monday, December 14, 2009

Emily-Jane Hills Orford finds inspiration in real life

Life is full of stories. There are so many stories to share, to write and to preserve for future generations. People's stories inspire me. Music inspires me. I started writing music mystery/romances because I felt there was a need for musical main characters. With my background in music (I am a private music teacher), I felt I could write convincingly and knowledgeably about a classical musician.

Hence, Melanie was created for my first novel in The Four Seasons series, Spring. Melanie was a talented young classical violinist growing up in southwestern Ontario, Canada. She has a very valuable Grancino violin that contained a mysterious symbol inside and a mystery as to its origins. As Melanie's career blossoms, so does the mystery.

The second book of The Four Seasons series, Summer, brings in a new main character, Hope. This character grows up in northern British Columbia, Canada, and she is part Gitxsan/ part Scottish. She has a valuable violin as well, with quite a mystery. Hope begins as a fiddler, inspired by the folk songs of her joint heritage. As her career changes to classical music and her reputation grows, so does the mystery of the violin.

Having written two novels about musicians in two geographic regions of Canada, I thought it only fitting to write my third book of The Four Seasons series, Autumn, with the setting in Canada's far north. Martha is an Inuit (Eskimo) pianist who is totally self-taught because there are no piano teachers in her community of Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) on Baffin Island. Her instrument has made a remarkable journey and holds a valuable secret inside. Will Martha live long enough to unravel this mystery? In between writing mystery romance novels, I like to write real-life stories, extra-ordinary stories about truly extra-ordinary people. There seems to be no shortage of stories to write, both non-fiction and fiction.

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