Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Holidays Are Acoming!

And to the left you will see why Hannah has a little bit of trouble getting her tree decorated.  She has also put all of her grandfather's ornaments in storage for now and uses only shatterproof ornaments or unbreakable ones.  That's Perkins - one half of the demon duo(Jackson being the other half and yes they were named after the rose sellers but that's another story.).  It was taken the first Christmas(07) but was duplicated last Xmas as well.  I am hoping that she and her brother will eventually reach that mature age that makes a cat not want to clambor up the tree.

As for moi - on Friday I sent in my manuscript for IF HE'S WILD - due out June 2010.  Also a synopsis for the next Highlander book - called HIGHLAND PROTECTOR at the moment - due out 12/2010.  It will be Sir Simon Innes's story and he will have Isabeal Murray Armstrong to deal with.  Fun times are ahead for him.   Now I get to work on the Vamp novella which has to be in by the end of January.  As I work on the Highland tale I have to think of what I want to do next and my editor says another Wherlocke tale would be just fine.  So - we'll see where the mind wanders over the next couple of months.  Right now, just thinking about all that work has me wanting to take a nap.

And - IF HE"S SINFUL - drum roll please - made *23 on the NY Times bestseller list for mass market paperback fiction.  Yes, the happy dance was done all around the house causing great consternation amongst the cats.  I am also doing a bit of promotion.  I was interviewed by Stephanie Giancola for Romantic Novel Examiner   And tomorrow starting at 12 noon central time I will be doing an interview/chat on Bitten by Books.  You can RSVP up until it starts and that will give you 25 additional chances to win one of two prizes.  #1 - a $50 gift certificate to Amazon, #2 - a copy of IF HE'S WICKED plus all that's needed to make yourself a nice cup of tea.  Go to  to RSVP.  If you don't want to do that then just go to their site tomorrow sometime.  Not exactly sure just now how long I'm there for but it's at least until midnight.   Have to double-check that.

So gang - hope you are all surviving the big shopping and decorating season of the year.  I'll be back soon but have to go put dinner on now.  Take care, wish me luck in putting up my tree without the Perkin's star at the top. 


  1. Hannah, we are all happy-dancing with you re: the NY Times news! Yay!!!

  2. Congrats!!
    I just found your blog, you know I love your books and I'll be happy to follow your blog!
    Greetings from a fan in Finland, Eva

  3. Hannah, a joy to stop in and say hello. It amazes me how a person can put words together and hold the attention of some one else for hours. Your books are good..I read a few but not near enough yet. Do you ever think of another story before you even have the one you are working on done? I read where authors can work on more than one book at a that must be mind control. susan L.

  4. Susan, Thank you for those kind words. I do actually have another story brewing in my head as I write the one that is on deadline. Sometimes I even have to stop work on that to scribble down a scene or idea so as not to lose it. But timje constraints don't really allow me to have 2 going at the same time. Take care, hannah