Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Book Trailer

Pretty isn't it.  Hoping it's still right there when I post this.  The book will be out May 25th.

Boy - it's not easy to find pix that go with Historicals.  I'm slowly trying to put together a collection of pix but mostly they're just undatable(is that even a word?) pix.  Vague things that no one can say - that's the wrong time period - when they see them.  Realized it'll be a long time before I get up enough pix to try to do one on my own.  The mind boggles over what there might be for any of my Murray tales.  Oh, there are pix of men in kilts but they are so obviously modern they can't pass the vague test.  And the hours it takes to scroll through the sites that offer Public Domain pictures are ones taken away from what I should be doing - not to mention the strain on the eyes.

Anyhoo - hope you like this one.

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