Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding Time for Mef by JM Griffin

Writing is a wonderful outlet, though when it comes time to stop, I often find it difficult. The words keep flowing, but the body says “Enough”. How do I overcome this problem? It isn’t as if I don’t try, but when my eyes cross instead of my t’s, then I know I need fresh air, some exercise and a good cup of tea. Prying myself away from the computer screen is the easy part. Staying away from it for at least a brief period of time is what’s hard. When I do return to work, though, I find that I have a fresh view of what I’m doing and where my characters are heading. Since I’m a pantser, this is fairly easy. But, I digress….

Finding me-time can take planning, strategy and doesn’t always work out the way I want it to. Since I have no children at home you would think this is easy, right? Wrong! It takes more planning. At least when I had young ones running around, I could acquire a half hour of quiet time (you know, nap time for the little darlings). At this juncture, I find the only time I take for myself is when I am driving to and from the market or to Walmart. Since I drive across a causeway sandwiched between two bodies of the Scituate Reservoir, I find serenity in the scene and often take a few moments to stop and admire the view. I guess that counts as “Me-Time” in a way.

I can’t stress how important it is to take time for yourself. Even if it is fleeting, it allows your brain to recuperate and energize. Something we all need. So take a break, plop your feet on your desk, look out your window and dream of the place you would like to be most. Let the image sink in, surround you and block out all the stresses in your life. Now, don’t you feel better? I sure do!

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  1. I guess we can all use some me-time, especially when we're feeling oh-so stressed.
    Good luck finding your me-time everyone.