Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heating Up the Holiday Season

Hi. My name is Opal Carew and I write erotic romance. I’d like to thank Hannah for inviting me here today.

In October, Hannah, Terri Brisbin and I were up for the Golden Leaf award in the novella category, which was awarded at the New Jersey Put Your Heart in a Book conference. Hannah won and she’s now in the hall of fame, which is so cool. I wound up winning in the single title category (thank heavens Hannah wasn’t entered in that category, too ;-P ) for FORBIDDEN HEAT. Now I have a lovely trophy sitting in my living room. Two would have been garish, right?

Other than bragging, which LeeAnn (a mutual friend) insisted I do because… well, she’s a sweetheart and likes everyone to know the good things that happen to people… anyway, other than bragging, I wondered what I should talk about today. I’m an author, so talking about my newest book makes sense. I thought I’d talk about two of my stories: PLEASURE BOUND , which comes out on December 7th, and, since it’s so near the holiday season, CHRISTMAS ANGEL, which came out on Christmas Eve last year.

PLEASURE BOUND is a story about Ty, a bad-boy turned Mr.-Nice-Guy who falls for Marie, the girl next door. Unfortunately, she falls for an ex-friend from Ty’s past. It’s a story about lasting friendship and being true to who you really are.

Here’s the blurb:

When Marie meets Zeke—a tattooed, motorcycle-riding bad boy with a body built for sin—she’s swept up in a torrid affair that rocks her world. He’s so different from the dependable Mr.-Nice-guy-types she’s always dated in the past—and after a few nights in his arms, she vows never to go back.

Little does she know that her best friend Ty, the quintessential Mr. Nice guy, is gearing up to make his move and finally admit his true feelings for her. When Ty learns that Marie thinks he’s “too nice” for her, he sets out to prove that he can be the overpowering Dominant she wants and overwhelm her senses in ways Zeke never could.

What Marie never expected to discover is that Zeke and Ty share a secret history together—one that changes everything she thought she knew about both men. A past that went far beyond the bounds of friendship…and now they’re about to take Marie beyond the bounds of pleasure…and into a world of soul-shattering ecstasy.

Sexy, eh? (Yeah, I’m Canadian.) So while PLEASURE BOUND will heat you up on a cold night (and since it hits -35 here in Ottawa, I know about cold nights), maybe you’re in the mood for a Christmas story. If so, CHRISTMAS ANGEL is short and sweet, in a hot, erotic kind of way, so it will also help keep you and your sweetie warm.

I thought I’d tell you how I came up with the idea for CHRISTMAS ANGEL. I love to collect Christmas angels which I set around the house during the holiday season. (I included some pictures in a blog last Christmas. Click here to check them out. )

A few years ago, when I was packing away my angels after the holidays, I thought about how sad it was that they are packed up in a dark box all year long, then just come out for a few precious weeks over the holidays. (Yes, I tend to anthropomorphize a little too much. I even have trouble gift wrapping a stuffed animal!) This triggered the idea for CHRISTMAS ANGEL. What if a woman had been cursed to be a Christmas treetop angel… only to see the light of day for a week or so each year. To feel emotions, but not to feel the touch of another human. To never be touched by love. The story opens when that sad, lonely woman is given a chance to recover her life, but at a terrible price.

Now, just in case you’re not convinced to run right out and read it, here’s what the reviewers had to say:

"The Christmas Angel is an enchanting story that springs with incredible emotions. [Opal Carew] weaves a delicious tale with believability, tender love and affection that laces with electric sparks. She pens a most remarkable read that will make you cry, laugh and applaud with elation while making your heart leap. I love every story that she fashions."

The Romance Studio

"This book is full of emotions… it enthralled me with the passion. All in all, THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL was a most wonderful story. It makes you believe in miracles, laugh, cry and then shout for joy. Since this is the first book I have read from [Opal Carew], I look forward to reading more of her books."

Romance Junkies

"…interesting plot twist on a Christmas story… heart wrenching… a powerful addition to the romance holiday genre and one sure to please the most avid of readers and romance enthusiasts."

Fallen Angel Reviews

If you’d like to learn more about me or my books, please visit me at, or read an excerpt of PLEASURE BOUND or CHRISTMAS ANGEL.

Thanks again to Hannah for allowing me to share with you, and I hope you have a great holiday season.


  1. Congratulations on your award for Forbidden Heat. Pleasure Bound is a great title - it is your 10th published novel, right!

  2. Congrats Opal! We proudly cheered you on in NJ and look forward to doing it over and over and over again in the near future.

  3. Opal, congrats on your award! We NJ writers applaud you on your win. And Kudos to Hannah too :-) I hope that one day I can meet all these fabulous writers that I talk to online. Maybe one day win an award too!

  4. Thanks, Madelle.

    Actually, Pleasure Bound is my 8th with St. Martin's, but I recently handed number 10 to my editor. Also, I had five books with a small publisher that are out of print now, but will be re-released by Sinful Moments Press over the next two years, starting in January.

  5. Thanks, Romance Read Aholic and Lizzie. It was really thrilling to receive the award in person, and everyone involved with the conference was so great.