Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Release Day

This is the step-back part of the cover.  Wish my back looked that good. He looks pretty spiffy, too, but being a married lady(and considering the possibility that my DH might some day see this blog) I won't express any wishes concerning him.  I'll leave those to your imagination.  Looks a bit like I thought Simon Innes would too.                                                                                                   Sir Simon Innes, the hero, showed up in 2 other Murray tales, Highland Wolf & Highland Sinner, and so I knew he needed his own story.  I always consider it a hint when that certain secondary character keeps popping up in other people's stories.  It's as if he's jumping up and down crying me, me, me.  He, or she, has obviously rooted in my mind so I begin the process of trying to come up with a tale that'll suit them.  It isn't always easy.  Sometimes I've made the character so nice and sympathetic, so good and happy, that nothing comes to mind and I am forced to ruin their lives just to get a good story out of them(cue evil laughter here).  Simon wasn't all that good.(Lucky for him)  It was clear from the start that he had 'issues'.  Good juicy ones, too.  So, as I worked on the Wherlocke trilogy, he stayed in the back of my mind, poking at me, until I began to see what I could do with him when it came time to return to the Murrays.

The heroine that would be perfect for him was a little harder.  First I had to do research into all the other Murray tales to find who could be the right age.(am working on a spreadsheet so that might be a little easier next time)  Then a name and then a problem for her that only Sir Simon could solve.  And I did rather pile it on her slim shoulders.  Treason.  Betrayal.  Murder.  Fun times.  Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong arrives at Simon's door with a really big puzzle for him to solve.

Now, naturally, they are attracted to each other.  This is a romance after all.  So throw in a few more complications - so many to choose from.  Sigh.  Anyhoo, you get the picture.  Oh, and add a couple orphans, cranky, nosy servants, interfering Murrays, and Simon's dark past and off we go. 

It was fun to revisit the Murrays.  Had to fully shake the Wherlockes and eighteenth century England from my mind first.  Took a while.  I don't know how some of these writers are able to so quickly leap from one time to another and even one genre to another.  Makes my brain hurt just to think of it.  But, the Murrays and Scotland soon began to feel like home again.  I hope any of you who read the book will feel the same.  I'm finishing up another Wherlocke tale now but have already come up with a new scenario for some Murrays for the book after that.   With a quick break to do another novella concerning those dark, dangerous MacNachtons, of course.  Have a busy year ahead of me.  Just thinking of it makes me feel like I need a nap.

Back to HIGHLAND PROTECTOR.  Simon and Ilsabeth enter the world today so give them a peek if you're so inclined.  I think you'll love them as I did.


  1. Looking forward to reading about Simon and boy would I like to help him out of his, ummm....

  2. I look forward to reading Highland Protector. I also look forward to another MacNachton story. I just love them ;)

  3. Hannah, just picked up your book and to say that I have been waiting for Simon FOREVER is an understatement. :-)

    Your adoring fan thanks you!